Hier stehen informationen zur suppe.

kcal 3294

Fett 298g

asspaste 9823mm

some happy clients:

just an idea

once ordered - weekly delivery

launch a soup day per week

For Example: soupthursday

  • innovate tradition
  • for sure the most productive day
  • employee satisfaction boost

we improve your daily business lifestyle.

  • punctual, acurate delivery
  • warm and or cold for hours
  • straightforward 360-service

good for 20 - 200 soups

individual service/pricing

urban/soup delivers fresh, healthy and delicious soup to your company.

get in touch

with your private key accountant

info@urbansoup.de / 0151-25377413

Soup package no1. - vegan

this package contains a variety of 100% vegan soups.

Soup package no2. - vegetarian

this package contains a couple of vegan and vegetarian soups. 50/50.

Soup package no3. - mixture

this package contains all soups we have.

OUR PACKAGING IS 100% RECYCLABLE. We clean all bottles with high efficient dishwashers and reuse every single one.

new: zero-hassle-service 

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